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Systematic Index of the Writings of Arnold Schönberg (ASSV) (pdf)
Julia Bungardt / Nikolaus Urbanek, Topographie des Gedankens. Ein systematisches Verzeichnis der Schriften Arnold Schönbergs (unter Mitarbeit von Eike Feß, Hartmut Krones, Therese Muxeneder und Manuel Strauß), in: Hartmut Krones (Hrsg.), Arnold Schönberg in seinen Schriften. Verzeichnis – Fragen – Editorisches, Böhlau: Wien 2011 (= Schriften des Wissenschaftszentrums Arnold Schönberg 3) , S. 331-614.

Arnold Schönberg’s writings, apart from his compositions, are valuable documents for the musical, intellectual and cultural history of the first half of the 20th century, also for exile studies, and thus for contemporary history. They are evidence of the multifarious interests of an eminent artistic personality and address questions of music, aesthetics, politics and religion.
The database contains pedagogical writings, literary and compositional models, commentaries, writings about music criticism, analysis, and theory, about philosophy, religion, Judaism, politics and contemporary history; lectures, interviews, open letters, memoranda, notes, testimonials and diaries.

Copyright of the Writings: Belmont Music Publishers, Pacific Palisades
Copyright of the Transcriptions: Kritische Gesamtausgabe der Schriften Arnold Schönbergs

Catalogue of Arnold Schönberg´s Writings (pdf)
Annotated books in Arnold Schönberg´s Library (pdf)
Annotated periodicals in Arnold Schönberg´s Library (pdf)